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E-DAFA (Diploma in Advance Finance E-Accounting)

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What is E-DAFA

E-DAFA is Diploma in Advanced Financial Accounting (E-Accounting). It is a full fledged, job oriented course that includes a complete training on e-accounting, e-GST, e-Taxation, e-Filing, etc. SPARC/LBSTI is a well reputed name in the field of financial accounting training. We offer various accounting courses in gtb nagar branch. We have trained thousands of candidates to pursue their dream job as an Accountant or Tally operator.

E-DAFA is one of our popular accounting course in gtb nagar. The course duration is 10/12 months and it is divided into 2 semesters. In the first semester, the students will learn the basics of computer such as Windows, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), and the Internet. In the second semester, the students will learn all aspects of Financial Accounting, Tally, Busy, e-Accounting, TDS Module & e-Filing, GST Module & e-Filing, etc. This course make students not just a Accountant but an e-Accountant which has a very high demand in financial accounting market.

SPARC/LBSTI also offer following other financial accounting courses:

E-DFCA (Electronic Diploma in Financial Computer Accounting)

DFCA (Diploma in Financial Computer Application)


Tally & Busy

  • You can apply in all Govt. Jobs. (Applying  CCC)
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Office Operator
  • Accountant
  • Tally operator
  • Office Assistant
  • Webtel Operator
Duration: 10/12 Months
Eligibility: After 12th

Course like e-accounting enhance the career opportunities for candidate to become a professional accountant/e-accountant. Many MNCs  (Multi-national companies) require accountants and Data Entry Operating personal for back-end profiles. Thereby, completing E-DAFA course from a reputed institute helps achieving career goals. One can apply for various post such as e-Accountant, Tally/Busy Operator, Assistant Accountant, Data Entry Operator, Office Assistant, and Webtel Operator.

  • Diploma certificate from SPARC.
  • CCC Certificate (Optional).
  • NIOS Certificate (Optional).
  • WEBTEL Certificate.
Online Examination
Personal Login ID & Password
Online & Offline Study Material
WRITTEN EXAM – Final Semester Exam
Board Presentation
One Day Theory – One day Practical Class 
Application Based Training (ABT)
Lesson/Class Plan



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