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English speaking course in gtb nagar
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Need of English Speaking?

In todays time, there is a high demand of English language in every aspect of life. English is an essential part of personality development. Career, social status, and education are entirely depends upon the English.

SPARC/LBSTI is a leading name in the field of English speaking training in GTB Nagar. We have trained thousands of candidates to pursue their dream job. Due to high demand of this Language, LBSTI/SPARC institute is providing this course as a flagship program at a quite affordable fees. Here, the classrooms high-quality audio visual systems. Every class plan comes up with interactive activities and grammar sessions.

Job Scope
  • You can apply in all Govt. Jobs.
  • You Can apply in Multi-national companies.
  • English Teacher.
  • Public Relation officer.
  • You can work abroad.

English is a gateway for achieving success in any field. Additionally, it is the medium of enhancing value in various reputed jobs like manager, teacher, public relation officer, etc. One can reach heights through eventually maintain a grip on communication skills.

DURATION:- 3/5 Months
ELIGIBILITY:- 10th/ 12th/ Graduate
Maintaining Record :-
  • CCS (Class Status Sheet) Pattern: The pre-schedule class plans are provided for every batch for maintaining a better record.
  • Online Attendance: Attendance of every student is recorded online for a quick access at hand.
Course Highlights :-
  • Overcoming fear of Grammar: Our approach is to teach the students in bilingual language so that they get familiar with the language.
  • Activity Base Classes: Learning becomes interesting with activities. Every topic of Grammar gets connected with some activity to enhance the use of some grammar topic.
  • Worksheet for Practice: On daily basis the students get worksheet for home fir a consistent learning. This increases the efficiency to learn English language.
  • Lexical Resource: Vocabulary is just like “Cherry on a Cake”. Enriched words and their usage is given in the class per day. Through this, students form a grip to make meaningful sentences.
  • Audio-Visual Sessions: Listening is a past of learning process. For enhancing pronunciation and listening habit in students, we aim to dedicate one class per week working on listening.

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