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Primary Teacher Training Course is led in all conditions of India to discover qualified, skilled and prepared aide instructors in the schools. The Admission strategy for essential instructor require the contender to have passed the senior optional or its proportionate with a base 45% imprints and furthermore applicants who are seeking after a two year confirmation in rudimentary training can likewise apply. There are various universities or establishments in India that give educator instructional classes to numerous ladies who are quick to adjust this as a vocation. The course incorporates the theoretical side of the tyke brain research, youngster’s sustenance, instructional method of different subjects with bunches of practical learning while at the same time playing. We additionally show you the system of building up a decent bond between the kid and the instructor. This course has an inventive component while helps the understudy to accomplish viable learning at kindergartens with no weight. The term of this course is 24 months and the base capability required is twelfth grade.

Course Highlights

  • 1 Year Course
  • 2 Semester

    Sketch File – Festivals postures, landscape etc. Teacher’s Dairy – (Learn how to plan syllabus, Result, Daily task) Story file – (Learn to make stories and narrate stories with computer and aids) Chart – (Time table, student profile etc.) Theory: Book-I (Child psychology) (Learn how we can understand behavior, leaning level of children), Book-II (Diet Care) (Learn how our diet effect ou Practical: Sketch File, Teacher’s Diary (Class Ist to IIIrd), Story File, Charts, Craft Item (4), Teaching Practice through Games Computer, Board work Project Work – (Curriculum Planning & H.W for various classes)

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  • SEM-1 Advance

    Theory: Book (Health Education), Book IV (School Organization) (Need for management in school) Necessity of Good health for Education Practical: Art Work (15 Types), Subject Teaching File (Class IIIrd to Fifth), Craft items (5) Types, Subject Teaching Practice (English, Hindi, Maths, Social studies – Earth, Historical monuments etc.)

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    Saree Dress up Practical Demo Classes Like – How to interact with parents in school, teaching Children in class. Free Computer classes – Learn to make Biodata, C.D – Presentations etc.

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