Advance Certification In Digital Marketing - ACDM

Number of Classes : ---

The level or the year of study for which the class is intended.

Batch Size : 20

Batch size refers to the number of training instances in the batch.

Duration : 6 Months

The predetermined time span provided for completing a course.

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  • Application Based Training-ABT Tools and Application
    Introduction To Marketing & Digital Marketing
    • Introduction about the Marketing 
    • Introduction to Digital Marketing
    • Introduction to Traditional Marketing  
    • Difference between Digital Marketing & Traditional Marketing  
    • Importance of Digital Marketing  
    • How did Internet Marketing Works 
    • Component of  Digital Marketing
    Things Of Internet
    • How the Internet Works 
    • What is Server 
    • What is IP Address 
    • What is domain
    • What is hosting 
    • What is SSL 
    • Different Types of Servers 
    • What is Server Client Architecture is

    Global Trends
    • Mobile Dominance 
    • Personalization 
    • Video Content 
    • Social Media Influence
    • Importance, involvement and dependency of AI in this Digital Era 
    • Voice Search & AI Assistance 
    • E – Commerce Growth 
    Marketing Segmentation
    • Identifying Segments Segmenting Criteria 
    • Targeting Segments 
    • Tailored Marketing Strategies  Channel Selection 
    • Content Customization  Measurement and Evaluation

    Marketing Terms
    • Impression 
    • Click 
    • Reach and frequency 
    • Engagement Conversions 
    • Organic and Inorganic Traffic 
Website Development
Graphics Designing
Video Editing
SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
Google Ads
Google Search Console
Google Analytics
SMO(Social Media Optimization)
SMM (Social Media Marketing)

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