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Number of Classes : 150

The level or the year of study for which the class is intended.

Batch Size : 20

Batch size refers to the number of training instances in the batch.

Duration : 5 Months

The predetermined time span provided for completing a course.

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  • Application Based Training-ABT Tools and Application
    Fundamental of Accounting
    • What is Accounting
    • Process of Accounting
    • Event of  Transaction
    Fundamental of Accounting
    • Accounting Terminology
    Accounting Concept
    • Rules of Debit Credit
    • Accounting Equation 
    • Accounting Principles
    Accounting Concept
    • Rules and Approach For Accounting
    • Traditional approach
    • Modern approach 
    Journal Entries
    • Advance Journal Entries with Students Practice Assignments
    Preparation of Ledger Account
    • What do you mean by leadger Format  method of posting leader
    Explanation of Cash Book
    • What is cash book
    • Types of cashbook
    • Single column
    • Double column
    • Triple column
    • Why cash book maintain separately
    Bank Reconciliation Statement
    • Introduction
    • who maintain cash book and pass book
    • why it is necessary
    • causes of BRS
    • What is Depreciation factor
      causes of depreciation
    • Equation of Depreciation
    • Method of Dep.
    • SLM
    • WDV
    • Class Assignment
    Basics of final Account
    • Trading A/C
    • Profit and loss  A/C
    • Balance sheet
    • Format of final accounting
    • Class assignment
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